About Us

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Queso Palmita GP, LLC is an authentic Venezuelan business dedicated to the production of handcrafted cheese and cheese made recipes to integrate Hispanic and American cultures. The products are geared towards free-spirited individuals in both the Hispanic and American community who are adventurous, inquisitive and are always looking for “something more…”, a healthy alternative with an international flavor. These delicacies take time and expertise to prepare.
Queso Palmita GP, LLC was developed with the idea of providing to that growing Hispanic community in the United States, the opportunity of having access to and enjoying a homemade product of the highest quality at low cost, which maintains all of the tradition and taste of the Latin American cheeses. The end product is natural and preservative-free. This family owned business dedicates itself to applying both a twenty year experience in handcrafted cheese production acquired in Venezuela and its current client base to introduce the Queso Palmita and other cheese related recipes to the Hispanic and American communities.